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We are a collection of folks who enjoy being involved in some way with live theater; on the stage or behind the stage. Auditions are open to everyone, and membership does not affect who is cast.Bemidji Community Theater is a legally chartered, non-profit corporation of about 50 members who enjoy various aspects of theater production.

Bemidji Community Theater Logo

Special Programs

Calico Tiger
2016 Theater Under the Pines' production of Calico Tiger

Theater Under the Pines

Imagine the Big Bad Wolf and the Wicked Witch on trial for their crimes!

That's exactly what happens in this summer's production of Fairy Tale Courtroom. Both the Wolf and the Witch have been frolicking from fairy tale to fairy tale wreaking havoc as they try to prevent the general public from living happily ever after.

Come hear testimony from characters such as Snow White, Dorothy, Sleeping Beauty, the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and many others as they regale their personal encounters with the well known villains and try to prove that the Witch and the Wolf are guilty.

As a member of the audience, you will help decide if the Wolf and the Witch are guilty or innocent. Which do you think it is?

Audience members can catch the show at Itasca State Park on either August 4 or 5 at 7pm, Bagley City Park Frog Pond Shelter August 6 at 1pm, or August 11, 12, 18, or 19 at Lake Bemidji State Park Amphitheater at 7pm. State park vehicle entry permits are required to enter all Minnesota State Parks and can be purchased at the park office as day permit or annual. No permit is required for pedestrians or bicycles.
Admission is a free-will donation.

Browse photos from last year's production of 2016 The Calico Tiger.