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We are a collection of folks who enjoy being involved in some way with live theater; on the stage or behind the stage. Auditions are open to everyone, and membership does not affect who is cast.Bemidji Community Theater is a legally chartered, non-profit corporation of about 50 members who enjoy various aspects of theater production.

Bemidji Community Theater Logo

Behind the Scenes

Becky Marty, picture prop artist, Mary Poppins 2016
Becky Marty, picture prop artist, Mary Poppins 2016

Besides being in the show, there are plenty of ways to help us put on a show.

Usually there are two or three times as many unseen workers as there are visible actors. From the box office and publicity to production crew, we all learn by doing.

Here are links to the major volunteer (sometimes paid) positions:

  • Production Manager: The Production Manager supervises and controls the creation, the finances and the public presentation of a show, and serves as the main liaison between the Director and the Production Crew.
  • Stage Manager: The Stage Manager expedites the rehearsal process so the Director and cast have time to work on the artistic qualities of the show.
  • Publicity Manager: The Publicity Manager ensures that information is distributed in a way which will result in getting the largest possible audience to attend the show
  • Properties Manager: The Property Manager is the person who collects purchases and/or creates the props for a stage production.
  • House Manager: The House Manager represents the "face" of Bemidji Community Theater and, as such, should provide a pleasant experience for our customers in the lobby and in the auditorium. The House Manager also handles all issues dealing with the general decorum of the show including the handling of ushers and procedures during intermission.
  • Box Office Manager: The Box Office Manager's two primary duties in most productions staged by BCT are preparing tickets and making them available for customers to purchase, and collecting and accounting for the money which customers pay. It is best if one person (you) handles both the advance sales and the lobby box-office counter. If you cannot do both, select a very reliable co-worker to take the other half of the duty.